Larry Lowenthal is an experienced Real Estate Expert Witness and Realtor in southeast Florida.

Well regarded as an expert in Realtor ethics, Larry has been retained as an expert in dozens of matters in which real estate brokers and agents have been charged with malpractice, negligence, dishonesty, failure to disclose, failure to meet the standard of care, and related violations of real estate law in Florida, Michigan, West Virginia, North Dakota, and Hawaii, as well as breaches of the Realtor Code of Ethics. 

He is also is called upon to help with commission disputes.

Larry works for plaintiffs and defendants and testifies at depositions and trials.  He accepts only those cases where the law,  circumstances, and the Code favor the party that wishes to retain him.  He will neither help prosecute brokers who are wrongly charged nor help defend brokers who, in his opinion, crossed the line.


  • Dozens of cases, many depositions, three trials (Orange & Palm Beach counties).

  • Guest Author of articles relating to Realtor Ethics on, a popular information site.

  • Degree in Economics from the University of Chicago.

  • Hundreds of hours of continuing education covering Florida law, ethics, commercial
    real estate, relocation issues, commercial leasing, fair housing, financing.

  • Member, Realtors' Professional Standards Committee, sitting on ethics and arbitration hearing panels, which act as judge and jury. All arbitrations decide procuring cause. (7 years).

  • Past Chair, Grievance Committee, examining and minutely analyzing over 250 ethics complaints
    and arbitration requests as a grand jury might. (Member at least 12 years.).

  • Former Adjunct Professor at Broward College teaching Business Writing to non-native English speakers (five years).

  • Earned a Florida real estate broker license in 1978.

  • Realtor at Century 21-Rose Realty West in Cooper City, Florida.



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"Or contact me in Cooper City in Broward County.  I am northwest of Miami and southwest of Fort Lauderdale.  Call (954) 437-2133.

"Please note that I do not provide legal advice and usually work directly with attorneys.  If you are a buyer or seller and feel that you have been wronged by a licensed real estate broker, I may refer you to your local board of Realtors, your state's real estate license authority, and/or your local Bar Association to help you find an attorney.  

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